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Q: How can I make a room feel cohesive, styled and complete?

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

A: It's all about the Details

1. Pick a Colour Scheme and stick to those colours and ONLY those colours.

In this example we chose a textured woven fabric in reds and blues on a beige background as a starting point. You should use various tones and depths of the colours you have chosen, this adds interest and a softer feeling.

2. Use those colours in all corners of the room: This allows the eye to move around the room between each item, adding interest and spreading the theme around the room. There are infinite ways to achieve this: curtains; blinds; furniture; fabrics.

3. More opportunities to bring the colour scheme together could be lamp shades, small trays or Vintage books from a charity shop, a really easy and inexpensive way to bring colour and patina into the room, so that everything doesn't look brand spanking new.

4. Flowers or a candle. Also think about the wood tones and some metals, and try to keep them similar around the room. Try not to mix too may metals and timbers.

5. A beautifully made valance with a peep of accent colour in the pleats can really elevate the room, with a bespoke tailored detail to finish it off and yet another opportunity to bring in the colour scheme. A throw on the bed can add colour and easily changed from one season to another to change the mood.

6. Find a vintage chair in an antiques shop and re-cover it to suit. This is a wonderful way to breathe new life into an old piece. This chair fits into this couple's bedroom as an occasional chair in the dressing area of the room, but it also can be pulled into the dining room for a larger dinner party and will be equally at home there.

7. Have custom Roman Blinds made in the colour scheme with a slim border of the accent colour. A subtle detail that you won’t tire of. Choose good quality natural fabrics and you won't need to change them anytime soon. Blackout lining, apart from keeping the light out will also protect your curtains from fading in the sun. So it is worth spending a little more here to get a really good quality finish that will last.

8. Then sit back and enjoy your space. If you choose colours that you love and make you feel good, you will enjoy them for many years. A well designed space will be uplifting and work well to make your life work better.

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