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Master Bedroom

The master bedroom for this downsizing couple exudes a fresh, warm, and timeless aesthetic, marrying the charm of cherished vintage and antique pieces with carefully chosen modern elements. This space is a harmonious blend of old and new, perfectly reflecting the couple's desire for a comforting yet stylish retreat.

Colour Palette and Vintage Integration:The room boasts a colour palette that strikes a balance between freshness and timelessness. The much-loved vintage and antique pieces, including furniture and decor, were the heart of the design inspiration.

Red and blue, cherished colors by the homeowners, formed the foundational scheme. These hues imbued the room with character, and to seamlessly tie everything together, a new headboard, valance, and Roman blinds were custom-made in these colors. This design decision not only created visual coherence but also allowed the vintage pieces to shine as focal points in the room.Practical and Aesthetic


Blinds:Understanding the room's orientation and the couple's comfort needs, we installed Roman blinds with thermal and blackout lining. This thoughtful choice added both practicality and elegance to the space. The thermal lining ensures insulation, making the room comfortable year-round, while the blackout feature provides a sanctuary of darkness when needed. Facing east, the blinds are particularly effective at blocking out the rising sun during the summer, ensuring restful mornings.


Natural Wool Carpets:To enhance the overall cosiness and comfort of the room, we chose new wool carpets with a thick, luxurious underlay. These carpets provide a plush and inviting surface underfoot. Their natural warmth and softness contribute to the room's warm and welcoming atmosphere, making every step a pleasure.


Timeless Elegance:The design embraces the concept of timelessness by incorporating classic elements that transcend trends. Neutral tones were introduced to harmonize with the vintage colour scheme, ensuring the room's enduring appeal. The result is a space that doesn't age with time, remaining fresh and welcoming year after year.


In this master bedroom, the downsizing couple found the perfect balance between their treasured vintage pieces and a contemporary design that is both fresh and enduring. It's a room where the past and present coexist, creating a warm and timeless haven for the homeowners to enjoy.

Girl's Bedroom Makeover

A bedroom for a young girl dreaming of a more grown-up space is designed to reflect her evolving tastes and interests. The room is adorned with a playful yet sophisticated theme that combines elements of nature, comfort, and vibrant colours.

Wallpaper and Colour Scheme:
The centrepiece of this bedroom is the captivating wraparound jungle wallpaper that encircles the room, creating a whimsical atmosphere that transports you to a tropical paradise.

A patterned headboard with geometric shapes stands out against the wallpaper. The headboard's colours are echoed throughout the room. A bespoke valance, custom-made to match the headboard, adds a touch of sophistication.
To add a playful touch, there's a hanging chair suspended from the ceiling, creating a fun and dynamic element in the room.

Thick luxurious neutral blackout curtains are combined with neutral sheer curtains accented with delicate ribbons of colour, these are a soft and elegant addition to the decor, ensuring privacy when necessary and also repeating the colour around the room.


Fun Guest Loo

The Guest Loo in a new build coastal home. 

You can have a lot of fun in a guest loo and do something that surprises and delights.


Here I found a vintage washstand and modified it to take a fresh new counter top basin, with new marble top and splash back we built it in with accent brass taps which echo the mirror and wallpaper design tying it all together.

Guest loo-4.heic

Marble Master Bathroom

This is the En Suite for the Master Bedroom in a new build on the Harbour in Itchenor.  


The timeless oak and Arabescotta Marble pairs elegantly with Brass fluted glass wall lights and antique find towel rings.


Storage is hidden in the drawers for laundry, toothbrushes, and even a bin, so there's never any clutter.

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