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New Year? Thinking of moving home?

There are things you can do to enhance your property's appeal, potentially leading to a quicker sale and better price.

1. Declutter. Who doesn’t love a clear out, and this is the perfect opportunity. Downsizing? Send unwanted items to charity. Going bigger? Then consider renting short-term storage for excess items waiting for your new space. This has the added bonus of preparing for your move way ahead of time.

2. Deep clean. Take a fresh view, and address dirty or stained items. Get carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned.

3. Think Maintenance. Fix broken tiles; sticking doors or windows. Consider minor redecorating, especially around light switches, hallway, passage and staircase walls.

4. Refresh Kitchens and Bathrooms. Scrub, or renew grouting and replace those yellowed shower screen seals.

5. Set the scene. Tailor each space to your target market; emphasize family-friendliness or elegance, as appropriate. Ensure plenty space to move around with unhindered flow between rooms.

6. Lighting. Use lamps to highlight inviting spaces like a desk or a reading chair. Ensure all bulbs are working, especially outdoors if you’ll be showing in dark.

7. Front door and Gardens. Get weeding, and trim back plants and hedges. Make sure all your pots are potted with have healthy plants. Paint the front door if it’s looking tired.

8. Short on time? Hire an interior designer. Great for advice, help implementing, and help with planning for your new home.

9. Then enjoy your home while you show it off.

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